Important Notice on Zild 2.0

Dear Zildians,

We are super excited to announce that after serious research, intense development, thorough testing, and auditing for a long period of time, and with active contribution from our tech-savvy community members, our team has completed the development and test of the ZILD 2.0 product, which will soon be deployed in the Ethereum mainnet.

Compared with ZILD 1.0, the new release has leapfrogged in terms of functionality and components, including:

1. dApp, which is completely decentralized, adopts public-private key pair verification for higher-level privacy protection.

2. Deposit and withdrawal of the pledged principal are completed at the same time, which simplifies the operation processes and reduces ETH Gas consumption.

3. After the deposit freezing period expires, if the deposit is not withdrawn, it will automatically resume producing the mining revenue so as to avoid Gas commission expenses arising from frequent operations.

4. The more intelligent on-chain operations handling process, which helps eliminate missing transactions on the chain.

5. The processing of intermediate state user transactions is improved, which will support advanced features such as increasing the Gas fee to accelerate the transaction.

6. The overall interface and UX design and customer journey are optimized, which makes the Dapp more user-friendly and easy to operate.

In addition to the ZILD client, the new version of Dapp supports various mobile wallet operations such as Metamask and Imtoken, which lays a solid foundation for the wide applications of our product.

We will release the new ZILD 2.0 application at 10:00, February 9, 2021 (CET).

During the transition period, ZILD 1.0 dApp can continually be used to withdraw the assets from the DeFi contract, but it will gradually stop the pledged order placement to the old contract. The transition period is 15 days. The users can import the original wallet private key into the new dApp. The original order, revenue, and the computing power system will be retained. We hope that ZILD 2.0 dApp will bring you a better DeFi experience!

Wish you happy mining!


February 9, 2021




Protocol of mutual decentralized wealth

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Zild Finance

Protocol of mutual decentralized wealth

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