All You Want to Know About Bitcoin/Ethereum ETFs

What are Bitcoin ETFs?

What are Ethereum ETFs?

Active Bitcoin ETFs

  • Purpose Bitcoin ETF (ticker: BTCC), the first-ever Bitcoin ETF, started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange in mid-February 2021. As reported on 17th March 2021, the ETF was trading at 10.77 CAD at the time of the market close.
  • The Toronto Stock Exchange has two more Bitcoin ETFs. At the time of market close on 17th March 2021, the Bitcoin ETF launched by Evolve Funds Group Inc. was trading at 27.63 CAD. It trades under the ticker EBIT.
  • The third Bitcoin ETF, trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), was launched by CI Galaxy and, at the time of the 17th 2021 market close, it was trading at 10.99 CAD.
  • In the United States, the Security and Exchange Commission has started considering VanEck’s 19b-4 Form for its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application. The SEC has got a window of 45 days to either approve or reject the application. If approved, it would be the first ETF first open bitcoin exchange-traded product in the US.

Status of Ethereum ETFs

  • CI Global Asset Management has filed a preliminary prospectus in Canada. If approved, it would become the world’s first ether ETF.
  • After CI global’s filing, Evolve Funds Group in Canada also filed a similar prospectus for their Ethereum ETF.

Why Are Crypto ETFs in Demand?




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