The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving and has come a long way since Bitcoin was introduced to the world. The growing demand for digital assets peaked rapidly after Bitcoin captured the imagination of the masses. Such is the growth that the number of cryptocurrencies stands at over 7000 today.

The crypto space is continuously evolving and has introduced the world to decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), and more. Most of the crypto projects have relied on crowdfunding in one way or another. Crypto crowdfunding methods, too, have evolved to suit the needs of the crypto world. …

CBDC is the acronym of Central Bank Digital Currency, also known as digital fiat currency or digital base currency. Central governments around the world felt the need for government-backed digital currencies to counter the growing influence of cryptocurrencies in 2017. That’s the year when cryptocurrencies started gaining tremendous traction.

In 2018, the market meltdown also made cryptocurrencies the talk of the town. Therefore, we can say that the roots of CBDCs lie with cryptocurrencies. But unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, CBDCs are centralized as authorized financial institutions are liable to manage them. …

ETF is an acronym for exchange-traded funds. It is a particular type of security that tracks an asset class which could be an index, a sector, a commodity, or a large and diverse collection of securities. But what makes ETFs unique is that they can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange the same way you trade a stock.

In the traditional finance market, the types of ETFs may include bond ETFs, industry ETFs, commodity ETFs, currency ETFs, or inverse ETFs. While the names of the bond, commodity, and currency ETFs are self-explanatory in terms of what assets they…

The crypto market has been growing at a tremendous pace. It has led to explosive growth in the trading volume across different crypto exchanges. Such growth has put an important question in front of the crypto businesses and institutional investors — How to keep their user funds secure?

Sensing the demand for security and storage services in the crypto market, a new breed of custodian services has cropped up. They help store and keep the user funds of crypto businesses secure. …

Centralized finance or CeFi and Decentralized finance or DeFi are often pitted against each other as challengers. Yet a minute examination of both these paradigms shows that they could have easily complemented each other.

To understand why it would rather be a better idea to advocate collaboration between DeFi & CeFi, we need to delve deeper into what these two finance-systems imply and what some of their defining features are.

What is Centralized Finance?

Centralized finance implies a service where all orders are controlled by one central exchange with no other competing parties. The only price available for traders are those that are quoted…

Dear Zildians,

We are super excited to announce that after serious research, intense development, thorough testing, and auditing for a long period of time, and with active contribution from our tech-savvy community members, our team has completed the development and test of the ZILD 2.0 product, which will soon be deployed in the Ethereum mainnet.

Compared with ZILD 1.0, the new release has leapfrogged in terms of functionality and components, including:

1. dApp, which is completely decentralized, adopts public-private key pair verification for higher-level privacy protection.

2. Deposit and withdrawal of the pledged principal are completed at the same time…

Many believe blockchain and distributed ledger technology to be the same thing. It isn’t true, though! The distributed ledger consists of three types, and these are permissionless, permissioned, and hybrid. Blockchain is a type of DLT, and it is permissionless. There are some commonalities between blockchain and permissioned distributed ledger technology as blockchain is a type of DLT. But, at the same time, there are a few differences as well.

Both blockchain and DLT have achieved immense popularity since the crypto bull run of 2017. Thus, the terms — blockchain and DLT started being recognized among the tech-savvy crypto enthusiasts…

Dear Zildians and all supporters of the Zild project,

We would like to express our gratitude for your support and participation in the Zild ecosystem as with your help the future of Zild becomes more promising. Together, we will make sure that a decentralized open finance is better integrated into people’s daily lives — this is our ultimate goal and motivation.

During the public beta of Zild when Zild Core contributors were developing decentralized lending, we actively listened to the voice of the community and modified our vision. With the upcoming release of Zild 2.0, …

Hello Zild community, today we’re going to talk about the Balancer protocol.

What is Balancer?

Balancer is a decentralized financial protocol based on Ethereum that allows automatic market making.

More broadly, a traditional market maker/liquidity provider buys and sells financial instruments, providing the market with liquidity and profiting from the difference between the buy and sell prices. Thus, an automated market maker (AMM) is a market agent driven by algorithms that determine the rules of the trade.

The combination of Ethereum with AMM, the assets in the market, the algorithm that drives that market, and the ability to create the market are becoming…

DeFi projects — projects and protocols for decentralized finance — became one of the most popular trends in the cryptocurrency industry, which changed the ICO era. The basis of the DeFi concept is a decentralized opportunity for exchange, investment and lending, freely in practice and absolutely democratic in structure, with full control of their funds, which are entrusted not to specific persons, but to smart contracts and algorithms.

Today we’ll talk about one of the most interesting projects in this area — Uniswap, a protocol for decentralized exchange of tokens.

Interestingly, the development of Uniswap was facilitated by Vitalik Buterin’s…

Zild Finance

Protocol of mutual decentralized wealth

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